“I’ll call you” – the famous LAST words

I probably don’t even have to ask, but has someone ever promised to call you and then disappeared? If you haven’t experienced this, I’d like to interview you EXTENSIVELY and see if we can bottle up whatever you’ve got and sell it for a lot of money! Come on, we can make a great business out of this and retire soon! Alas, I suspect we might have to work for a while longer because I’ve never met anyone, male or female, who hasn’t fallen for some version of “I’ll call you”.

This JUST happened to my friend Katie and I am completely disappointed on her behalf! Katie has been single for a while and was excited about this guy she met online. They clicked on email and on the phone, he seemed really interested, brought flowers to her first date, offered to drive her home (an hour out of his way), suggested they do it again sometime and said he’ll call… Well, you know where this is going. It’s been over a week and no phone call. Now I understand, meeting people online is so tricky – you get excited about someone you adore “on paper”, then you meet in person and maybe there’s no chemistry (can’t tell you how many times it’s happened to me). Even if you meet in person and don’t want to continue seeing someone after the first date…

Why bother saying you’ll call? Why not simply say “I had a nice time, thank you for a lovely evening”? Or ok, you “knee jerk” react and blurt it out but then realize “oh no, I don’t want to call” Why not send ’em at least a nice email and say thanks, but you’re not interested?

So when was the last time someone gave you the “I’ll call you” line and then didn’t? Or maybe you were the “perpetrator” – did you do it by accident or is that your standard “good bye” line? Do you feel uncomfortable ending things in another way or what’s on your mind when you make that statement? I’m sure all of us would love to hear what happens on both sides of the “call” equation. Maybe it will make all of us a little more conscientious about making promises we don’t intend or forget to keep!


One response to ““I’ll call you” – the famous LAST words

  1. I think saying you are going to call after coming on so strong is just rude.
    I think an e-mail the next day saying that you had a nice time on the date but didn’t feel the dating kind of vibe, but you wish the person is all the best is a good way to deal with the “I’ll call you thing”
    I don’t fault people for saying “I will call” because it’s hard to hurt someones feelings. That said I also think an e-mail within 48 hours after the statement is in good form.

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