Real “Hitch” revealed – do looks matter?

Remember the movie Hitch starting Will Smith? The very HOT, funny, articulate Will who goes around solving fellow men’s dating dilemmas and making sure they find love? Well, apparently the character in the movie was based on a real person David Coleman. Want to see what Hitch looks like in real life? Here’s an article about the real love doctor. Incidentally, in this article David is commencing the Sextober Fest (which of course I’ll be investigating shortly – a bloggers job is never done!)

Now, let’s take look at David. Does he bare ANY resemblance (at least physically) to Will Smith? Actually, I am not making a judgment about Mr. Coleman’s appearance. Whatever you got, flaunt it, as far as I am concerned. Especially if there’s a movie made about you (of course in that case I’d ask the media to take slightly more flattering pictures than in that article). But here’s what I am wondering… Why cast Will Smith and not Kevin James in the role? David acknowledges that he looks more like Kevin.

We always talk about women getting typecast, pressured to look a certain way, alter their appearance to suit societal standard’s of beauty. But what about men? Maybe they have it just as tough. I wonder how Mr. Coleman feels about being portrayed by someone like Will Smith vs. someone who looks more like himself. Is society telling him, “wow, it’s great what you do and we want to make a movie about you. Unfortunately, if we cast Kevin James, we just won’t sell as many tickets. So it’s ok to be a bit chubby – you’ll just be cast as the clumsy side kick”. To be fair, Kevin’s character does find love in the end (the beautiful Amber Valletta.) Which brings up another question for me – when was the last time you saw a movie (or couple in real life) where the man was HOT and the woman just so so)? Hmmm…

Incidentally, here is a link to David Coleman’s advice column – Seems like a very sweet guy. Wonder if he’s single.


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