Q: What is this blog all about?
A: This blog is for and by those of us who are thrilled by, sick & tired of, baffled by (and anywhere in between) being single. It’s for sharing our funniest, weirdest, saddest, most flabbergasting, amazing and all kinds of “MOST” dating experiences and insights as we put ourselves out there and give love a shot!

Q: How did this blog come about?
A: For years friends have begged me to write a book about my “funny” dating experiences. Sometimes I take it as a compliment and others it strikes me as a little tragic that I attract that many strange occurrences. Of course, I’d love to meet my soul mate and end up in a wonderful, drama-free relationship that’s boring to everyone else but completely thrilling to me and my life partner. But… while he and I are searching (and sometimes are mildly irritated at the other for taking SO long) I finally decided to take the plunge and share some of my dating mishaps with the world.

Q: Are comments encouraged? What about guest blogging?
A: Bring it on! In addition to my own musings, I’ve invited my friends – old and new – to share your own interesting, amusing, and perhaps even inspiring stories. So please contribute – I’d LOVE to hear about your dating experiences and insights in whatever MOST category they happen to fall! Please note that all contributions are hugely appreciated and will be considered but will be published solely upon my discretion.

Q: Who is Lillie and what qualifies her to write this blog?
A: “Lillie” is actually a pseudonym. I am, of course, a real person who happens to have a very unusual name and a very unique job. Combining these two factors with the fact I live in Washington D.C. which is a VERY small town, revealing my identify might force me (and other blog contributors) into a “fishbowl”. Therefore all other names in this blog have been changed to protect everyone’s privacy. I prefer to have the liberty to make you laugh, think, get mad (hopefully not at me) and not risk running into you at work.

I am happy to tell you that I am a single woman in my early 30s. I live in Washington D.C. and have a wonderfully fulfilling job helping people, many single, find themselves (which often leads to finding their life partners). Why am I still single? Have you heard the expression “Those who can do, those who can’t teach?” Well… Mostly I tell myself (and hear from others – like that helps!) that I am too fabulous and unique to settle down unless I find someone who rocks my world and I just haven’t met him yet.

I’ve dated A LOT (another reason to keep my and associated exes’ identities private!) and have been blessed with some amazing relationships along with those countless bizarre, funny and downright unbelievable dating experiences that inspired me to write this blog. And really, why not! What a great excuse to get out there and to connect with other singles, to give us all an opportunity to share, vent and laugh!


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