Craig’s List

Pros: It’s free, easy, fast and as anonymous as you want it to be (you know, a huge consideration for yours truly.) You generally get tons of responses, especially if you’re a woman. Some are interesting, some are blah and some are scary (see cons) but of all online dating sites I prefer it because of all the pros.

Cons: Mostly mind-numbingly dull responses intermixed with some freaky or obscene ones (although I haven’t found this to be a huge issue). It’s sort of like sifting through dirt to find little specks of gold. Also, because no one is prompting you for specific information you really need to make sure that your ad is written well. Here are some tips for writing your ad.

Read about my experience with Craig’s List.


It’s Just Lunch

Pros: If you have more money than time they will plan and set up dates for you, including making lunch reservations (because you know, that’s the biggest problem with being single – no time for lunch reservations!) Also, if being matched on interests or generic personality traits (but not both) is sufficient, I am sure they’ll find you another person who likes wine or walks at sunset.

Cons: Expensive, especially since you’re not getting that many matches in your membership period! And, if you have any depth whatsoever (especially if you’re a woman), your chances of being struck by lightening inside a movie theater are greater than them finding you someone compatible. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. That’s due to the fact that their “matchmakers” are not competent AND most people with depth don’t join IJL.

Read my datective report of IJL here.


Single Tease

Feeling shy? Guys intimidated approaching you? This company makes cleverly flirtatious (but tasteful) t-shirts, mostly for women. I think it’s such an ingenious idea, I can’t wait to order one and do some datective work (things I do for my readers!) Till then, check out their adorable products and cool blog!


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