I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from readers and can’t thank you enough!  One of my favorite questions so far has been, “I have some great / funny / crazy dating stories to share!  Where do I send them?”

So this is YourSpace to share those fabulous stories* about being single!  You don’t have to be single currently – in fact, we encourage hind-sight perspectives!  Here’s how it works:

1. You write up your story (no more than a few paragraphs for maximum impact and attention span sustainability!)

2.  Make up a spiffy title to go along with it (since people tend to choose what to read based on headlines)

3.  Make it anonymous or not – please specify when you send your story if you want your name included.  Only I am able to see your email address and your true identity will never be revealed (at least not by me!)

4.  Email stories to

I can’t wait to hear all about your dating challenges, triumphs, laughs and adventures.  Please share – we eagerly await!

* Please note that obscene, boring and otherwise inappropriate-for-this-blog materials will not be posted.


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